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LumiVisions: About Us - Andiamo, Detroit

LumiVisions Architectural Elements, Inc.

Whether your New Project, Renovation or Simple Upgrade requires subtlety or a high-impact “Wow Factor”, LumiVisions™ Architectural Elements, Inc. provides unlimited range of color, high definition imagery and design possibilities for Interior and Exterior Architectural Glass, Resin Panels and Lighting System Application.

Wall Features, Column Features, Floors, Windows & Doors, Ceiling Features, Dividers, Sliding Doors, Stairs & Treads, Guard Rails, Canopies, Focal Points, Feature Walls, Partitions, Shelving, Tables, Seating, Lighting, Transaction Desks, Nurse Stations, Custom Imagery, Designs, Patterns, Stock Photos, Laminated Resin, Laminated Glass Panels, Illuminated Panels, Curved Walls, Flat Panels, Custom Shaped Panels, Deep Textured, Transparent, Translucent, Opaque, Panels, Colored Glass, Digital Tattoo, Smart Glass, Impact Resistant Panels, Anti-Scratch, UV Protection, Anti- Graffiti Protection.

LumiVisions™ goes the extra mile to help make your efforts attract the attention they deserve. To help you achieve your design goals, LumiVisions™ also provides the following Value Added Services:

  • Applications Sales Support: Our knowledgeable Sales Professionals can help you with samples and pricing bring all possibilities into focus.
  • Engineering Services: LumiVisions™ in-house Engineering can help match materials, product to your structural and code requirements.
  • Design Collaboration: We have complete in-house design capabilities to integrate your design and imagery into the product or to create the design for you.
  • Customization and Fabrication: We can customize and fabricate “lumi” materials into a complete range of finished products and Ready- to- Ship goods, including custom hardware and LED lighting systems.
  • Installation Support / Turnkey Project Management: LumiVisions™ works closely with owners and contractors to ensure Shop Drawings match installation requirements. We provide Turnkey Project Management starting with your ideas and ending with a low cost, high quality project, completed on time and within budget.
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